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Non-Locking Medication
Management Solution

What is Non-Locking Medication Management Solution?

The SimpleMed+ is an advanced medication pill dispenser and reminder system for medication adherence. Designed to combine patient's ease of use with various options for the service provider; thus making it the most effective and efficient solution for improving medication adherence.


Tome la medicación correcta, la dosis correcta en el momento correcto


Fuerte alarma de 85 decibelios para alertar al paciente para que tome su medicamento


If a dose is missed, the  dispenser will alert & notify the patient that their medication is ready by monitoring


El dispensador de medicamentos está asegurado

por cerradura y llave para evitar manipulaciones

y sobredosis

de medicación


Cada dosis de medicamento puede

contiene 1-15 + pastillas, dependiendo del tamaño

y forma.

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Learn More About Non-Locking Medication Management Solution

SimpleMed+, a smart automated pill dispenser, makes use of auditory & visual alerts and medication reminders for the patient to take the right medication in the correct manner, at the designated time. In a case that the medication was not taken, the service provider is informed for further action.

  • Monitored 24/7/365 days a year

  • 24-hour battery backup

  • Communicates using the cellular network

  • Needs to be plugged into a standard power outlet

  • Flashing Light Notification

  • Loud audible alarm

  • Up to 4 dispense times per day

  • *Bluetooth Remote Patient  Monitoring Available

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